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Q: If I purchase these fonts, what does your license state?

A: Basically if you purchase these fonts, you can use them for everything from personal projects to freelance projects for which you are paid. Companies can buy my fonts too, provided additional licenses are bought for each computer they use them on. As long as you don't redistribute or remarket the vector shapes or the fonts themselves, (that includes "sharing" them with your friends) you're safe and free to do and make what you wish with them.

Q: Can I make webgraphics with your commercial fonts and sell them?

A: Certainly, you can sell any item you make with the fonts, as long as the item is not a font itself or as stated in the first question.

Q: Why can't I download these fonts immediately?

A: I don't have a system that can do that and my server isn't large enough. It takes only a few hours (that is, if I'm not asleep or out of town) for me to deliver your fonts once I receive your order. Good things come to those who wait!

Q: What happened to the free fonts?

A: Due to too much problems with pirating and illegal distribution, not to mention not enough space or bandwidth allowance on my server, I have discontinued them. You can still get free fonts when you place orders.

Q: Do you have any text fonts?

A: No. All dingbats. All the time.

Q: Why don't you have text fonts?

A: I like abstract and decorative art, not representative art. There's a direct correllation, I think. A picture is worth a thousand words...a dingbat is worth a thousand letters. If you think about it that way, my dingbats are a real bargain.

Q: How do I install my fonts?

A: Consult your system software manual. Or... The same way you installed your other fonts.

Q: Do you have more fonts somewhere else?

A: No.

Q: Will you have more fonts here in the future?

A: Stan and I are always working on adding new fonts to the Dingbatcave. Anything new I'll post to the What's New page.

Q: What programs did you use to make your fonts?

A: Lots. I use Fontographer to generate the actual fonts themselves, but the drawings are created in Adobe Illustrator or Macromedia Freehand. Sometimes I'll use Photoshop or Painter as well.

Q: I have a question that is not answered here.

A: E-Mail me at annmagenta at gmail dot com

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