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Savvy Navvy I

Click on the dingbat images to see the individual characters.

One: mostly remotes

Two: mostly frames

Three: mostly spirally, flourishy

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Savvy Navvy I Font Family $39

for Windows

for Macintosh

Savvy Navvy I is a font family with three fonts (also sold individually) comprised of navigation bars, frames, interfaces, and remotes with a style reminiscent of art nouveau, art deco and even the 70s. Some of these are styled after or variations on actual interfaces I've created and used in my own graphic Environments; others were created after steadily listening to early Roxy Music and watching the movie "Velvet Goldmine" twice within a matter of two days, which may account for sort of the decadent glammy quality of some of these. There are 78 styles broken down into the following: lower case letters: the main navigation element; upper case letters: the interior buttons; numeric, upper case numeric, brackets and punctuation: interior shapes and silhouettes or variations on the interior shapes. There are a total of 234 glyphs in this font altogether. Each font has 78 glyphs/26 styles.

Price: $39 - entire family or $15 - each individual font

Savvy Navvy is just one of the many font families available.

see Savvy Navvy II

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