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Pallas Athena

Plato's Laws

Timaeus's Elements

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Stan's Nipples Font Family $39

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This font collection is influenced by Plato's writings and inspired by Athena as a goddess of intellectual serenity, and a guide for the arts. In reading Plato, I admire Timaeus's account of elements because he believes as I do that everything in the universe can be represented mathematically, and I value Plato's Laws as a dialogue of hope and restoration for mental pain and sorrow. I see the psyche as being like an internal city, and the unseen truths Athena represents are the nurturing of art and knowledge that can bring calm ends to strife when it arises within our minds. These fonts are made as round nipple like shapes, and can be used as bullets, graphic adornments or linked together to form patterns and rows. I don't have any experience with tattoos but I imagine them as looking great that way too.

--Stan Starbuck

Price: $39 - entire family or $15 - each individual font

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