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Gingerbread Borders and Framemaker Tutorial

Key Character Guide

Below is a key to the content of each Gingerbread Borders and Framemaker font. Each font has different characters, but the corners and edges are on the same spot on the keyboard for each different font. Each font in Gingerbread Borders Volume 1, Volume 2 and Framemaker has 11 "themes". The Gingerbread Bonus fonts have 9 themes each.

Framemaker also has 6 extra characters at these key locations: ` ~ \ | / ? These can serve as transitional elements between different kinds of edge characters.

corners edges
theme 1 a b c d e f g h
theme 2 i j k l m n o p
theme 3 q r s t u v w x
theme 4 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
theme 5 A B C D E F G H
theme 6 I J K L M N O P
theme 7 Q R S T U V W X
theme 8 ! @ # $ % ^ & *
theme 9 y z Y Z 9 0 ( )
theme 10 - = [ ] ; ' , .
theme 11 _ + { } : " < >

You can use the Gingerbread Borders or Framemaker fonts to make a variety of fancy frames, buttons, dividers, and borders.

To make a simple square frame, start out with the corner areas. The example shown below uses the font Ann's Gingerbread Borders Three at 36 point, leading set to 36.

To make the frame wider, add Es in the top row and Fs in the bottom row.

To make the frame longer, add Gs in the left column and Hs in the right column. Use the space bar to add space in the center.

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