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Bonus Fonts.

Free with every order.

Free fonts to get exclusively with your orders. Click on the font images to see all the characters.

How do you get the Bonus fonts?

  • You can choose ONE FREE FONT for each order you make through the Dingbatcave's Kagi Catalog. Let me know on the catalog order form which free font listed below you would like.
  • With an order of both Gingerbread Border Families Volume 1 and 2 you get Gingerbread Bonus Borders--that's five fonts! (As well as any other free font you would like.) Gingerbread bonus borders is only given out this way.

NEW! Ann's Seconds Five

Ann's Special One

Ann's Special Two

Ann's Special Three

Seconds One

Seconds Two

Seconds Three

Seconds Four





Gingerbread Borders Bonus

(Five Fonts)...free only with an order of both Gingerbread border families
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