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Whirligigs Font Family $39

for Windows

for Macintosh

Whirligigs is a font family of circles, mandalas, swirls and spirals that feature three through six-sided symmetry. Inspired by designs of ancient Greece and Native Americans, these dingbats are great for decorative elements and embellishments. Each font has 72 characters, for a total of 216 characters for the whole family.

Price: $39 - entire family or $15 - each individual font

Whirligigs is just one of the many font families available.

Because the nature of this font makes it hard to see at small point sizes, only a minimum number of characters are displayed in the links above. To see the full character set of Whirligigs at 100 point size, visit the pop-up links below.

Whirligig 3 Chart       Whirligig 4 Chart       Whirligig 5 Chart
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